College Grants for Women

Whether you’re male or female, college can be an expensive few years of your life and not all of us are fortunate enough to have parents who can cover the cost of our education.

Fortunately the federal government, large companies and the colleges themselves recognize the financial difficulties that many students have that can prevent them from being able to attend college or university.

One type of college grant that may be an option for you are college grants for women, which we look at in more detail in today’s guide.

About College Grants for Women

Over the past twenty years or so, the role of women at colleges and universities in the United States has rapidly changed. Even in the 1970′s men dominated colleges and women struggled to get a tertiary education.

Since women were more commonly accepted into colleges in the 1980′s, they now account for over 58 per cent of students at American colleges – a huge change in such a small time frame.

However, despite women taking over men at university and college, they still face an unequal role in the work place. Fortunately there are several grants that help women to get a college education regardless of their financial and social situation.

Eligibility for College Grants for Women

Apart from the obvious criteria of being female, there are various other criteria you may have to meet to be eligible for certain college grants for women. While there are grants that simply require you to be female, a larger proportion of college grants for women are aimed at those who come from unrepresented or nontraditional backgrounds such as minority women and those who were born outside of the United States.

Some college grants for women are based on financial need alone, in which case you will need to prove that you require the grant to be able to attend university or college. Other college grants for women are looking for students with strong academic records and can demonstrate very strong abilities. There are hundreds of college grants for women so generally there is a grant that every woman is eligible for, you just need to search.

Types of College Grants for Women

Although there are hundreds of college grants for women there are some that are better known than others. One of the most popular college grants for women and certainly one of the largest sources of grants is the American Association of University Women.

The AAUW has the aim of awarding college grants to women who wish to pursue underrepresented career paths such as scientists, teaching and more. The majority of successful applicants are financial distressed minority women. There are AAUW college grants for women who are pursuing both undergraduate and graduate studies.

The Jeannette Rankin Foundation also offers college grants for women, but this time specifically for women over the age of 35. Women who can demonstrate ambition and financial need may be eligible for a $1,500 grant.

The Sunshine Lady Foundation is specifically for women who have been victims of domestic abuse and who may not be able to get out of an abusive relationship without the help of the grant.

A large majority of college grants for women are for those who are in a minority group. The United Negro College Fund and the Hispanic College Fund are two popular grant organizations for eligible applicants.

Applying for College Grants for Women

As with all college grants it is important to apply for as many as you can to ensure you give yourself the best chance to get a college grant. Before applying for a college grant for women you should firstly make sure they you meet all the eligibility criteria. You should also read as much about the grant as possible so you know what they are looking for and do whatever you can to meet that criteria.

Many college grants for women are incredibly competitive so there may be thousands of women applying for only a few grants. This is one reason why it is important to apply for as many grants as you can. The internet is the best place to look for college grants for women – there are several websites where you can search for available grants and read more about the eligibility criteria.

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