Grant Money For Seniors

University and college is no longer for the younger generation, thousands of senior citizens are switching from employment or retirement into education. One of the main worries for seniors considering going back to college is how much it will cost.

Fortunately there are a variety of options to ensure that students of all ages don’t miss out on the opportunity to study simply because of financial reasons.

We take a look at grant money for seniors in today’s guide.

There are many reasons why people may choose to go back to or attend college for the first time later on in life. Many simply want to go to college or university to learn about something that interests them whereas others want to change or progress their careers.

As an increasing number of students are graduating with strong skills, it is harder for seniors to stay competitive in the work place. Going to college or university can give you a competitive edge and ensure that your skills are as up to date as possible. It is also an opportunity for you to try out a career path that you’ve always been interested in.

The United States government as well as many educational institutions recognize the importance of keeping the country’s work force well educated, which is why there are a variety of options for grant money for seniors. Grant money for seniors is often based on demonstrable financial need however there are various grants that may be available to those based on academic merit.

Types of Grant Money for Seniors

As we mentioned above, there are several types of grant money for seniors. Some grant money comes from the federal government, other types may come from state or local governments or from the educational institution itself. Some large companies also offer college grant money for seniors – often in return for you using your new skills within their business after you graduate.

Many seniors can get heavily discounted or even free tuition if they are a resident of certain states. We take a look at these options below.

State Grant Money for Seniors

Many states in the USA offer completely free tuition to seniors (usually over the age of 60). If you are interested in studying at college or university after retirement then living in or moving to a state that offers free tuition is a fantastic option for you – as this can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Not all universities or states offer free grant money for seniors, however some examples include: the state of Georgia offers all residents of the state over the age of 62 the opportunity to enroll in any state university or college completely free of charge.

The states of Arkansas, Alabama and Connecticut also offer free college tuition for students over the age of 62. In Alaska you can study for free subject to space on your chosen course.

Some states and colleges offer discounted rates for seniors, including the University of Maryland and the University of Louisville. However, be aware that this type of grant money for seniors often doesn’t allow you to get credit towards a degree, it is simply the tuition that is free.

Finding Grant Money for Seniors

Finding grant money for seniors is easy, there are dozens of resources out there that can help get you on your way. The first step you should take is to speak to the colleges and universities you are interested in applying for to see what options they can offer you. You may find that some of your chosen colleges offer free tuition for seniors.

Even if they don’t offer free tuition they may be able to point you in the right direction for other grant money for seniors that you may be eligible for. The internet is a great place to find college grant money for seniors. Have a look on the federal government grant website for information about all federal grants available to you as well as other websites that list grants both federal and through institutions and private companies.

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