Grants For Teachers

Teachers and educators will always be in demand and it’s a great career path to choose. There are thousands of teaching jobs around the United States and it also gives you a global skill that can be used anywhere in the world.

To become a teacher or educator you need a solid college education, which as most people know is not a cheap exercise. Fortunately, teachers are so heavily in demand across the United States that the government is quite willing to give out grants for teachers and educators to ensure they can get through college regardless of financial disadvantages.

In today’s guide we look at what types of grants are available to aspiring teachers and educators.

About Grants for Teachers and Educators

Grants for teachers and educators are some of the most easily obtainable college grants available as there is such a high demand for qualified teachers in the wider community. There are hundreds of grants available for students who wish to pursue careers as teachers with some based solely on financial need whereas others will be on academic merit or a combination of the two.

Often the easiest way to get a grant for teachers is to agree to work in a low-income or high-need area where teaching staff are scarce. These can be challenging areas to work in but can be incredibly satisfying as these are children that are in the most need of education.

Government Grants for Teachers and Educators

The federal government is one of the most generous givers of grants for teachers and educators. The government recently established the Transition to Training program, which gives a huge amount of money each year to educational institutions to use as an incentive for student-teachers who are already enrolled in their courses.

These grants are also used as incentives for students who are studying other courses to switch to a teaching degree.

Another government grant for teachers and educators that you may be interested in is the Federal Loan Forgiveness program, which cancels the loan debts of students who are willing to teach in high-need areas for a specific amount of time.

The TEACH Grant is one of the most popular grants for teachers and educators as it is specifically designed for students who are planning on commencing a teaching degree. The grant awards students $4,000 per year as long as they agree to work for at least four academic years out of eight at an elementary or high school that serves low-income students.

To be eligible for the TEACH Grant you must be a U.S. citizen and be enrolled at an institution that participates in the TEACH program. You will also need to meet certain academic requirements, generally meaning you need above the 75th percentile on a college admissions test and maintain high grades throughout your studies.

You can also apply for other government grants that aren’t specific to what you are studying, instead they are based more on financial need. Pell Grants are the most popular and generous of government grants and are available to students studying any subject area but are based on financial need.

As well as federal government grants you’ll also find state grants that are offered to residents from a specific state who are willing to teach at a school in that state after graduation.

Private Grants for Teachers and Educators

There are many private grants for teachers and educators that are usually quite specific. Often these private grants are aimed at minority groups, for example the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Fellowships for Aspiring Teachers of Color offer grants for teachers who want to pursue their master’s degree; however they must agree to work in a public school system while they obtain their degree.

Finding Grants for Teachers and Educators

If you’re interesting in getting a college grant for teachers you should first approach your current or potential university or college. They have specific people at most colleges that deal with helping students gain grants and scholarships to help them through their studies.

You can also look for grants for teachers and educators online – the government website is particularly helpful

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